Terms Of Service


Before using PubiwayGram make sure :
1. The account has been verified by an active email
2. The account has been verified by an actice Number phone to receive SMS
And you have to abide by the rules that have been created.


1. Do not do unfollow fellow users of this service. Please mention them for follback.
2. Do not make your account private, since like and followers will not increase.
3. The service is free of charge, please use this service wisely.
4. Do not peddle copies of this service.
5. The risk of use is at your own risk.

Ask - Answer

1.How to Stop Using This Service?
Just Change your account password.
2.Why my Following is increase too?
This is a service exchange. You got like and followers, then you also will like and follow other users.
3.My Account was locked. How to fix it?
Instagram has a security system, when you log in unusual places, instagram system automatically reset the password on your account. To open it you have to click on a link sent to your account email.
If you see like this pic below, choose It Was Me
Verify Account